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How to Use Genre Tropes to Strengthen Your Writing (and Sell Your Book)

Understanding genre tropes and how to use them is one of the secrets to great storytelling. As lovers of fiction, we naturally pick up on them without even realizing it but taking the time to study them and use them more intentionally will elevate your writing even further. They'll help you set ... READ the POST

6 Tips for Dealing with Plot Holes When Writing a Novel

Plot holes: they're the things every writer dreads but will inevitably run into in the process of writing a novel. They're a necessary evil on the journey to weaving a complex, interesting piece of fiction. It's easy to want to fall into a pit of despair when you discover the plot hole that seems ... READ the POST

Romance Lovers Instagram Story Templates

If you love to read romance novels, then these Instagram story templates are for you. I've created 10 IG story templates for romance lovers to share your favorite and current reads, preferences, opinions, fictional crushes, and more. I hope you enjoy them! You can also find them in my ... READ the POST


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