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4 Truths to Help You Handle Criticism with Grace

One of the most challenging parts of writing a book or creating any type of art is dealing with criticism. When you create something, it's hard not to feel attached to it, like any criticism it gets is an attack on you personally. While there are some exceptions (such as genuinely offensive ... READ the POST

8 Empowering Affirmations for Writers to Combat Fear and Self-Doubt

When it comes to getting into a creative flow, the mental game is half the battle - especially if you're someone who struggles with self-doubt, fear, and perfectionism. Part of the problem is negative thought patterns that are activated as soon as you start a creative project, such as writing a ... READ the POST

What to Do When Writing Stops Being Fun

Recently, I had to get honest with myself and accept that I’d hit burnout on my WIP 1/3 of the way through the second draft of my novel.⁠ ⁠ For a year and a half, I worked on it without taking a break for more than a week or two, except when I moved, which was a stressful experience so it didn’t ... READ the POST

Guest Post: Shadow Work for Writers to Better Handle Rejection and Criticism

Writing is an amazing experience when you are brainstorming and drafting for yourself, but once you invite readers into your bubble, things can get dicey. Even though we know criticism is an inevitable part of the process (and even necessary for our growth as writers), it can still trigger negative ... READ the POST

Guest Post: Tips for Overcoming Defeat in the Writing Process

Today, I'm excited to feature my first ever guest post on the blog by a wonderful writer I met on Instagram. Ashton is a copywriter working on her debut novel who always shares encouraging insight into her journey on her feed and has recently launched her own blog, Writefully Yours. Her post ... READ the POST


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