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How to Write a Memorable Meet Cute for a Romance

It's the moment we all look forward to in a love story: when the lovers first meet. In Hollywood, it's called the "meet cute." This scene may be the first time they are actually meeting or it may just be the first time we see them together in the story. Either way, it's pivotal because it sets up ... READ the POST

How to Create Dynamic Relationships in Fiction

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Just as relationships play a pivotal role in shaping our lives, so do they in the lives of our characters. As readers/viewers, the fictional relationships we've followed on the page and screen are some of what we hold most dear about the stories we love. So, how do we as writers ensure that we ... READ the POST

How to Create Compelling Characters That Pull You Into the Story

Characters are at the heart of every good story, and the best ones grab ahold of your heart. What makes a character that breathes life into a story, makes readers feel connected to them, and drives everything forward? Motivation. What do they want? What do they need? And what is getting in the ... READ the POST


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