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Writing Coaching for Female Authors


Break free from blocks, finish your projects, and follow your publishing dreams with confidence

"Creativity doesn’t have to be taught, it has to be liberated." — John Cleese



Without feeling overwhelmed and second-guessing yourself. Without worrying your ideas aren’t good or unique enough to be successful. And without the burden of creative blocks and anxiety weighing you down.


Stay inspired and motivated to finish your projects?

Trust your creative choices and instincts?

Embrace your unique voice and perspective?

Feel creatively fulfilled and follow your publishing dreams with confidence?

If your answer is “YES,” it’s time to take things to the next level + liberate the artist within ✨

Package Options


One 1-hour coaching session to tackle a specific issue or topic that’s been holding you back (includes a pre-session questionnaire to get the most from our session and personalized post-session homework/resources)


Two 1-hour coaching calls, personalized post-session homework/resources, and unlimited texting/email exchange within office hours


Six 1-hour coaching calls, personalized post-session homework/resources, and unlimited texting/email exchange within office hours

Please note: spots for the manuscript reading/assessment add-on are limited and subject to availability.


COACHING CALLS: Private 1:1 calls to explore your writing challenges, including topics like mindset, productivity, drafting, revisions, character and story development, and building your author platform.

UNLIMITED TEXT/EMAIL SUPPORT: Additional support to work through any roadblocks you experience during the writing process. Available during office hours (Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm EST).

CLARITY, INSPIRATION + ADVICE: Guidance on enhancing your storytelling skills, building confidence in your creative instincts, identifying and resolving issues in your projects, clarifying your artistic vision and goals, and staying motivated and productive throughout the writing process.



  • Developing your creative process
  • Dealing with self-doubt/imposter syndrome
  • Overcoming blocks + creative anxiety
  • Making consistent progress
  • Avoiding stress + burnout
  • Strengthening your craft
  • Building/maintaining an author platform


  • Accountability
  • Encouragement + motivation
  • Clarity + direction
  • Resources + exercises personalized to your needs to help you grow as an artist and storyteller


Does your coaching include developmental editing and proofreading?

No, unless you opt for the manuscript reading/assessment add-on (subject to availability). My goal is to help you strengthen your craft as a storyteller and become more confident in your own instincts and creativity. We’ll address the challenges you’re facing in your project using storytelling principles, tools, and exercises that will empower you to find solutions that align with your own unique creative vision.

How does coaching differ from editing or beta reading?

Editors and beta readers focus on completed manuscripts; the former will help you polish it and the latter will offer their feedback on it from a reader’s perspective. My coaching packages don’t include reading, assessment, or editing of manuscripts unless you opt for the add-on (subject to availability). However, you do receive a dedicated support system while you’re in the process of writing your book to help you make confident creative choices.

What should I not expect with coaching?

Line-by-line editing/analysis, developmental editing (unless your package includes it), proofreading, full writing lessons, or ghostwriting.

Will you teach me how to write a book? Is this like a private writing course?

This does not include formal lessons or a course on writing, but it does include personalized guidance on storytelling, character development, and the writing process in relation to your project. The best way to improve your craft is to engage with multiple resources (books, classes, and coaching) to get a well-rounded, diverse education.

What genres do you focus on?

If you’re looking for coaching to help with mindset, productivity, creating an author platform, and the general writing and storytelling process, then the genre you write in doesn’t matter. However, if you want genre-specific advice, then my specialties are fantasy, romance, and some non-fiction.

Will this help me get an agent or a publishing deal?

I can’t guarantee any results when it comes to publishing or selling your book, but I will do my best to provide constructive advice that will help you maximize your strengths and take your writing to the next level.



I went from a stack of unfinished first drafts to publishing a short story, winning NaNoWriMo three times, and nearing the publication of my debut novel.

In order to overcome my blocks, I became certified in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, and multiple areas of life coaching. Now, I help other writers liberate themselves, too, and develop stories and lifestyles that are true to the artist within.


“I had a fantastic experience working with Lindsay Elizabeth. As I began to take my romance writing more seriously, I needed more than a beta reader or a critique partner. I needed a coach who would help me overcome self-doubt, prioritize writing, and realize my story is worth telling. Unlike most professional beta readers, working with Lindsay is a two-way street – she provides feedback and then we can discuss it at length to find a solution. Her feedback instantly helped me strengthen both the character arcs and plot development of my manuscript. Lindsay is communicative, inspiring and a natural cheerleader. I will absolutely call on Lindsay in the future for all my future books!” ─ Hope

“When I was struggling with my inner critic, self doubt, and rampant imposter syndrome, Lindsay took the time to talk with me through Instagram DMs, and let me tell you, that conversation was invaluable!  She asked simple, unassuming—and non-judgmental—questions in part just to get to know me and my struggles, but more importantly to help me untangle the assumptions, fears, and pesky little irrational rules I’d built up around my creative process.  Once those blocks were laid bare, we were able to chip away at them until I felt like I wasn’t bound by them as much.  I was free to take a step back, look at how irrational they were, and realize why I didn’t need to hang onto them.  Mental health doesn’t happen in a day, but my informal CBT session with Lindsay was a massive leap forward in my journey, and it made me feel empowered to continue taking steps on my own to manage my creative anxiety.” ─ Christina

“I was really nervous to reach out for help when it came to my writing. Once I started working with Lindsay, her support and guidance put my concerns at ease right away. She has such a vast knowledge about all things writing, goal setting, and just life in general. Everything is always flexible and she works hard to ensure her coaching matches your pace and lifestyle. I learn something new and helpful every single time I work with her!” ─ Tilly

“Deciding to work with Lindsay has been one of the best decisions that I have made for myself in a really long time. I honestly wasn’t sure what I was hoping to get out of the session, but I went into it with an open mind and received so much out of it – I’ve already experienced some of those “a-ha” moments. Lindsay is so positive and self-aware – she is generous with her time and energy and genuinely wants to help, making it so that it’s easy to be open and honest with her during the sessions. And I really enjoy the homework that she provides, carefully customized to what we’ve talked about and what I’m hoping to work on in my life. I am so glad I started working with Lindsay and I look forward to our future sessions!” ─ Shannon

“Omg what can I say about Lindsay? She is amazing to work with. In just two sessions she has helped me realize my limiting beliefs that I didn’t fully realize that I was experiencing and has given me tools to work through them. She is generous with her time because she honestly wants the people she’s working with to have a positive experience. The homework she provides after each session is personalized to what YOU need. Working with Lindsay will change your life!!!” ─ Tiffany


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