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Links I’m Loving: Fresh & Focused in the New Year

It’s finally here: 2018. While I?love the holidays, it feels great to be back to my routine so I can focus all my energy on my writing and career goals again. There is something magical about January. Everyone is in a heightened state of inspiration and motivation. I like to find ways to give myself that feeling all year-round, but January adds a little extra spice to things. It’s a celebration of starting fresh, setting goals, and dreaming big. I love it.

Whatever you wrote down for your resolutions, whatever it is you want to accomplish this year is?entirely within grasp. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t reach your goals last year. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t reach them the year before, or the year before that. What does matter is that you take responsibility for your part in not reaching them.?It’s really easy to make excuses, it’s a?lot harder to take a hard look at ourselves and accept responsibility for how we held ourselves back.

Don’t beat yourself up, though. Show yourself compassion. Forgive yourself because you’re human and you’re learning. Then, put what you learned to good use by doing better this year. Crush your bad habits. Tell fear you’re the captain now. Swap out messages of self-doubt with ones of confidence and love. If you fall off the wagon mid-way through January, get back on by the end of January. Just keep climbing back on every time you slip.

You got this.

Links I’m Loving

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