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3 Steps to Reading More Books in Less Time

If you're like me, you are constantly finding new books you want to read at a much faster rate than you can absorb them all. Even when reading is something you genuinely love and know enriches you, it can be easy for time to get away from us when so much else is fighting for our ... READ the POST

8 Easy Go-To Remedies for Imposter Syndrome

If you experience self-doubt, you've probably had a run-in with its cousin, imposter syndrome. Have you ever had any of the following thoughts: "I have no idea what I'm doing, I've just gotten lucky." "Why would anyone care about what I have to say?" "Everyone here is so ... READ the POST

Visual Branding for Authors: A Step-by-Step Guide

We have the amazing opportunity to create an experience for readers who land on our blog or social media through the power of visual storytelling. As authors, our words are our tools, but your visual language can be just as powerful in communicating your vision and creativity. I'm not a ... READ the POST

Writing Advice from 6 Famous Romance Writers

I love to hear about how other writers approach the craft. When I'm feeling stuck, uninspired, or struggling with self-doubt, pulling up an article or interview with one of my favorite writers is one of my go-to's to get me back on track. A piece of advice will often knock an idea loose or offer ... READ the POST

Writing Tools for Authors That Make the Process Easier

While the tools don't make the artist, they certainly do make the artist's life a little (or a lot) easier. As a writer, you only need a pen and paper to tell a story. But there are a lot of amazing tools out there that can help make the process more efficient and support your creativity, and I'm ... READ the POST

How to Create Dynamic Relationships in Fiction

Just as relationships play a pivotal role in shaping our lives, so do they in the lives of our characters. As readers/viewers, the fictional relationships we've followed on the page and screen are some of what we hold most dear about the stories we love. So, how do we as writers ensure that we ... READ the POST


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