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5 Ways to Feel Connected to Your Story

To tell a truly compelling story readers will connect with, we as the writers first have to feel that connection. Sometimes, this comes effortlessly, but writing a book is a long process ─ as they say, writing a novel is a marathon, not a sprint ─ so there is likely to be moments during the ... READ the POST

Romance Lovers Instagram Story Templates

If you love to read romance novels, then these Instagram story templates are for you. I've created 10 IG story templates for romance lovers to share your favorite and current reads, preferences, opinions, fictional crushes, and more. I hope you enjoy them! You can also find them in my ... READ the POST

How to Write a Memorable Meet Cute for a Romance

It's the moment we all look forward to in a love story: when the lovers first meet. In Hollywood, it's called the "meet cute." This scene may be the first time they are actually meeting or it may just be the first time we see them together in the story. Either way, it's pivotal because it sets up ... READ the POST

2 Lists That Will Make Your Writing Stronger

One of the simplest but most impactful ways to strengthen your writing is to make two lists: A list of what you love in fiction. And a list of what you hate. The founder of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), Chris Baty calls them the "magna carta" in his book No Plot? No ... READ the POST


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