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How to Spark Inspiration When You Aren’t Feeling It

We've all been there. You have a strong drive and desire to create something, but when you sit down to work on it, the inspiration just won't come. It's like trying to drive a car without gas. It can be a frustrating, maddening, and seemingly hopeless experience. But it's not hopeless. Far from ... READ the POST

Links I’m Loving: Fresh & Focused in the New Year

It's finally here: 2018. While I?love the holidays, it feels great to be back to my routine so I can focus all my energy on my writing and career goals again. There is something magical about January. Everyone is in a heightened state of inspiration and motivation. I like to find ways to give myself ... READ the POST

5 Things You Can Do to Be More Productive Right Now

Being productive is something I've struggled with most of my life (and still do at times). For a while, I was the girl who relied on vague plans to reach my goals and was always frustrated with how "little" time I had to pursue them. When I started writing down my New Year's resolutions a few ... READ the POST

Why You Should Embrace Your “Worst” Projects

I'm a perfectionist. While this trait gets a pretty bad rap, I think it can actually be a strong one once you learn how to make it work for you rather than against you. Once you tame it, so to speak. Perfectionism is only bad when you let it immobilize you. If you use it to strive for the best ... READ the POST

16 Quotes from Writers On First Drafts

As someone deep in the trenches of writing the first draft of a novel, I require my fair share of reminders that all the tests of willpower and sanity I'm facing are normal and, in fact, just part of the crazy sexy process. Reminders that... My "terrible" first draft isn't proof that I'm a ... READ the POST


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