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16 Quotes from Writers On First Drafts

As someone deep in the trenches of writing the first draft of a novel, I require my fair share of reminders that all the tests of willpower and sanity I'm facing are normal and, in fact, just part of the crazy sexy process. Reminders that my terrible first draft isn't proof that I'm a terrible ... READ the POST

7 Reasons Being a Writer Makes You a Badass

As writers, being hard on ourselves comes as easy to us as new ideas for stories. (In fact, they're usually a package deal.) We fall in love with our ideas, then tear ourselves apart when we fall short of the titan-sized expectations we have for them. We know our limitations intimately. Some are ... READ the POST

Why Your Creative Process Isn’t Your Enemy

I've wasted a lot of time telling myself my creative process was wrong. Somewhere along the way, between being a free-spirited kid writing about her dogs and a young adult realizing that writing could be a career, I started to look at my creative process as my writing's (and every other creative ... READ the POST

6 POVs to Consider When Plotting a Fictional Murder

When I started writing one of my current projects, I knew one of the first things I had to sort out was a complex murder that would kick off the story. While the murder mystery is not the core of the story (as in a crime fiction), it is an important element that puts a lot of the events in motion ... READ the POST

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