About Me

Hi, I’m Lindsay…

… and I’m an author, photographer, entrepreneur, and incorrigible dreamer.

I began both writing stories and taking photos around the age of 9. Once I discovered these creative outlets, I felt something open up inside of me. I haven’t stopped since.

As a tween/teen, I started creating fansites as another creative outlet, which was also my first taste of building and managing something. It sparked my love for business (as well as – eventually – blogging and social media). My first business was freelance photography and later on, I started a blogging/social media business where I created content and managed social platforms for other business owners.

My true passion, however, lies with writing fiction and telling my own stories through writing, photography and film. I look at blogging and social media as just more exciting, ever-evolving mediums through which I can tell those stories and share them with countless others.

Stories (and all types of art) are great escapes from reality when you need one, but I’ve always thought they’re even better at getting more from reality ─ feeling more, experiencing more, and sharing more.

The internet has blossomed into an opportunity to combine my love for entrepreneurship with my passion for telling stories. We are living in a time that is truly a revolution for artists. (And a wonderful excuse for me to be a nerd about writing, business, blogging, and social media all at the same time. Hallejuah!) I hope to inspire others to take advantage of this incredible privilege. The more we create and share, the more we all benefit and grow.

Some random facts

I love to be out in nature, especially on a beach. The ocean makes me melt.

Disney World is my second home.

I am awestruck by astronomy. I fangirl hardcore for Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.

I love office supplies, journals, planners and stationary. (That also happens to be my favorite section of HomeGoods. Insert heart-eyes emoji here.)

My favorite time of year is fall.

I love deep, honest, real conversation.

Passion, ideas, and creativity get my adrenaline flowing.


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